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Dementia Care Homes in Devon

Dementia symptoms occur when the brain is damaged by certain diseases and conditions, including Alzheimer’s disease, the most common cause of dementia. When a person has dementia they often feel vulnerable and can become very confused and frustrated. Constant reassurance and support is crucial. Barn Park is a dementia care home in Devon that specialises in caring for people with dementia and understands the specific type of support that is so important.

How we Provide Dementia Help in a Friendly, Comfortable Atmosphere

Our carers are trained to provide that extra special support for those who are suffering with dementia. We require staff to place great focus on helping our residents retain their sense of identity. Our carers form warm relationships with the residents, which helps when their assistance is needed in areas like washing, dressing, taking medication. These are some of the many aspects that can be confusing for people with dementia and require professional patience and sympathy.

Dementia Support with ‘Best Friends’ in Beautiful Surroundings

We encourage our residents to keep up their existing hobbies or take up new ones as well as offering regular trips and visits to places of interest. We recognise how important pets can be in calming and soothing residents with dementia, so we welcome well-behaved ‘best friends’ at our specialist dementia care home. Barn Park prides itself on providing the best level of support, care and nurture that can be offered to all our dementia residents.

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Dementia help and support in a relaxed atmosphere at Barn Park Residential Care Home

See our Dementia Treatment for Yourself: Arrange a Visit to Barn Park

Living with someone who has, or is developing, signs of dementia can be a distressing and exhausting time. At some stage you may be in need of some practical and sympathetic advice on how to best care for your loved one. If you are looking for a supportive placement, whether temporary or long term, we would be delighted to hear from you. Why not come along and meet the team, take a look at our programme of daily activities and see for yourself the outstanding treatment and support we give to all dementia sufferers who join us in our specialist care home in Beaworthy, not far from the towns of Holsworthy and Okehampton Contact us today to arrange your visit, and find Barn Park Dementia Care Home in Devon here.